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Client Background

Companies in recent times are acquiring multiple tools and technologies which are being hosted in different platforms to address their business requirements.


Reports consolidation, Administration and new report development in various environments have been the biggest challenge. With data spread across multiple reports developed using different tools, getting at the information you need can be an arduous task, and achieving a ‘single version of the truth’ is almost impossible.


  • Single sign-on portal to host reports, applications and administrate, at one place
  • Blogging reports
  • Monitoring real-time report usage data
  • Benchmarking and alert notifications
  • Charts / Reports access controlled by Business Roles
  • Integration with Enterprise Active Directory/LDAP


  • A one-stop solution to host reports generated from any reporting solution (Tableau, Cognos, Crystal Reports, etc. or custom developed web applications
  • User and Admin friendly
  • Single sign-in User Authorization management to avoid the hassle of remembering multiple passwords
  • Improved user security across multiple environments

Solution Highlights


Improved user security


Single sign-in to access multiple reports