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When organizational expectations are clear associates perform better, knowing this umansys created a powerful management system

Working with Seanergy Digital the umansys management system is now delivered as a Saas to help every associate in your organization know what they're supposed to be doing and the resources they manage - empowering associates to make smart decisions that result in greater organizational success!

The umansys SAAS solution was designed for effective collaboration, communication, and business process management. A complete product covering all functional obligations of an enterprise with Inbuilt productivity features including email and Calendar integration, Role management,, Dashboards, etc.


A SAAS model delivering a workflow resource management system which can optimize organization performance. A Business Process Modeling (BPM) tool that offers tight integration with ERP functionality from its base. A product which empowers organizations to manage business processes without writing a single line of code.


  • Manage roles through organization charts
  • Integrate Mission and Guiding Principles
  • Define and assign goals, and objectives
  • Leverage the power of Resource Management
  • Add and manage associate Job Descriptions
  • Integrate with the company’s calendar and email system
  • Add and manage meetings and agendas
  • Create, assign, track assignments by individual positions
  • Display Dashboard summary reporting how extensively umansys is being implemented throughout the organization

With the ability to adapt to the business processes of a customer with all the necessary tools for workflow. Organizations can now design workflow without the hassles of coding or the need for extensive technical knowledge. Hassle free configuration and easy to use options that don't need any installation. The management system is accessible immediately with the most refined workflow tools available in the market.


Cost Effective

SaaS delivered no maintenance, support or infrastructure. Automation trims down manual resources.

Rapid Deployment

SaaS solutions don't require any software installation so you are able to access your new management system straight away.

Enhanced Teamwork

SaaS delivery allows team members to stay informed and connected throughout their daily job responsibilities as well as assigned projects.

Simple to Use

User friendly intuitive interface. Managers can navigate with ease without complex instruction.