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Offshore Development Center / BOT

Traditional Offshore Models - Comparison

BOT is the best option - Low Risk & Low Cost

  • BOT is Low Cost & Low Risk
    • Most leverage with best ROI
  • Captive is best when numbers are >500
  • Dedicated DC is good for medium term, mid-size
  • Avoid JV if possible
    • Very high costs
    • Legal liability high

Seanergy is your best partner of choice for BOT

  • Proven track record
  • Unparalleled Flexibility and Scalability
  • Cost effective
  • Provides end to end solution in BOT as well as IT Consulting
  • Senior management team with global delivery model experience
  • 12 years of industry experience with Analytics and .NET
  • Quick resource ramp up and ramp down option
  • Management team with BOT experience
  • Focus on collaboration

Leverage Seanergy's Shared services at no additional cost

  • Access to Shared Services expertise and methodologies
    • Software Engineering Process Group
    • Knowledge Management group
    • Architecture, Design and Code Review boards
    • Testing competency group
    • HR & Training groups
    • Administration, Logistics and Accounting support

Seanergy - Current BOT clients

  • Continuing operations. In the process of team building
  • Current employees 15
  • Target employees 35
  • Transfer targeted in 2019

Build Operate and Transfer(BOT)





Current environment - IT and Infrastructure

Current environment - IT and Infrastructure


  • Network and security: Internet 30mbps 1:1, Lan, Firewall, Antivirus, Antispam etc.
  • Power backup: Facility generator and UPS
  • US Calling: Voip Lines
  • Video conferences: Goto meeting, WebEx, Skype

Office Space

  • Desk space: 80 sft per seat + common space
  • Meeting rooms: 3 shared conference rooms
  • Physical security to campus: 3 layers of security
  • Location: Hitech city, IT hub, Easy access and transportation network, with many MNCs around
  • Other amenities campus: Food court, ATM, Hotels
  • In office amenities: Breakroom, Snacks
  • Workstations(As per Client’s request)

Current support services


  • Resource recruitment
  • Human resource management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Technical services
  • Facility management services


  • Company registration services
  • Program management services
  • Education and training services
  • Certification services
  • 24/7 support services( Technical, Transport, Food etc.)
  • Special occasions(Team outing, Celebrations, etc. )
  • Company annual returns with Income Tax, Service Tax, Sales Tax and PF

Service costs

Standard HR & Admin Services cost: $300
Seat cost: $300
Total cost per employee: $600

  • No additional service cost on employee Salaries
  • Actual values will be shared to client

10 Best Practices (things we learned the hard way)

  • Communicate about strategic direction of GDC internally
  • Establish Program Management Office to take joint decisions
  • Client managers to be involved/influence but control with BOT partner
  • Avoid “contractor” or “vendor” thinking when dealing with GDC resources
  • Involve client resources in selection, performance management & training
  • Seed GDC client SMEs for faster ramp-up. Rotate GDC resources onsite
  • Take time to tailor & integrate processes for HR, Engineering & Delivery
  • Establish governance structure at the GDC
  • GDC to take ownership for meeting delivery & financial commitments
  • Define goals and metrics up-front. Baseline & Benchmark

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