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Case Study

A product for multiple industries helped the Client...

Client Background

The Client operating multiple warehouses in the US, working for many industries sells products like E-commerce, 3PL, BI, CRM, Complete Order Management, etc.


A US-based client operating multiple warehouses also operates 3PL seeking new warehouse software in order to resolve communication issues, eliminate redundancy in paperwork and provide the flexibility needed to meet customer requirements. In addition, there was a need for real-time information, greater accuracy, and the optimization of labour resources. In evaluating warehouse management software, the Client wanted leading-edge technology. The client intends to design, develop and sell the ERP Software to integrate applications and automate many fronts and back office functions related to technology services and human resources.


Seanergy Developed a product which could help in multiple industries like 3pl, Warehouse, E-commerce, CRM, Attendance & Labor tracking, Business Intelligence, Complete Order Management. An E-commerce solution that would integrate with the order processing system with a user-friendly interface and is simple to navigate.


  • Access to a wide variety of reports
  • An easy and quick evaluation of Issues such as inactive inventory and production data
  • Automation of processes specifically developed for each customer which helps to ensure greater accuracy and labour productivity
  • Enabled the Client to onboard new customers faster so that revenue can be generated more quickly
  • Combination of RF, mobile computing handheld devices for easy capturing and billing for every value-added service and type of agreement
  • Integration with the client's orders to provide the critical e-commerce infrastructure needed to build an effective online business


The Business application software optimized for all small to midsize business in the distribution, manufacturing, and warehouse management industry. The Client has seen in an increase in providing cutting edge technology and could keep pace with a rapidly expanding technology.

  • Provided a seamless flow of real-time data visibility across entire operation
  • Enabled systematic quality assurance control with comprehensive traceability including inspections and holds
  • Greater access to information through Customizable Reporting

Solution Highlights


Information visibility