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Case Study

Achieve an optimal level of wellness and improve coordination of care while providing cost-effective services

Client Background

The Client is a leading healthcare technology company with a proven suite of products and solutions ready to be used by our customers. Their product offerings enable Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and healthcare provider networks to effectively manage the payers' incentive programs, thus maximizing returns on investments.


The Client has been facing multiple issues to automate and integrate platform automation and the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) which enables ACOs to efficiently manage data to drive improvement in health outcomes and care quality for their patients

  • Interoperability of Data across EHRs and external systems which support HL7 or CCD interfaces
  • The challenges include smart data warehousing techniques to merge data across different sources like claims, EHRs, and lab
  • Accessibility of real-time data when needed
  • A product to develop accurate reimbursement rates and incentives
  • Generating reports for clinical, operational, financial and utilization for a clear visibility
  • An improved patient experience like hospitalizations, readmissions and ER visit, and home monitoring


Seanergy has developed multiple solutions for their numerous persisting problems. A reporting dashboard has been provided for Analytics.

  • A web application is developed is HIPAA compliance.
  • An Interoperability database developed in a centralized database for multiple organizations and facilities with Patient-centric information
  • A data formatting standard to Exchange data in HL7 format
  • Promote development and use of a patient-owned electronic health record and shift the focus of the industry from creating business models that rely on proprietary data to models that call for sharing data more freely.
  • Integrates and share the data between the marketing agency and the Client
  • Integrated multiple 3rd-party products like Chronic watch, MdConnect

Developed a set of web applications – Descriptive Analysis, Predictive Analysis, Patient Checklist, Chronic care management, and a set of browser plug-ins.


The client enables Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and other provider networks to effectively manage the payer's incentive programs and maximize returns for the providers. It's affordable, integrated IT platform automates the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) process and enables ACOs to efficiently manage data to drive improvement in health outcomes and care quality for patients. Its analytics and predictive modeling capability allow ACO to lower costs for payers, thereby maximizing savings and incentive payouts to the providers.

organizations to innovate and compete at a higher level

  • Initiative by fostering use of digital technologies to enhance compliance
  • Share best practices and pilots happening across the industry to drive broader adoption of digital technologies that improve the patient experience

Solution Highlights


Improvement in provider experience


Raise Services for high complexity cases