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Business Need

  • Focusing on empowering and partnering with physicians to address the fundamental and longstanding problems of clinical and financial underperformance in a highly complex US healthcare environment.
  • EHR demonstrator was to be built for a particular Hospital along with a Demonstrator
  • Demonstrator would function as a test bed for proving the concept and the operations would yield new ideas for actual fulltime implementation
  • EHR would enable the General Practitioner (GP) to view a patient's full details
  • EHR help doctors giving emergency treatment to quickly determine the allergies and previous history of diseases but until a demonstrator was built and deployed, the actual evidence would not emerge
  • Enables Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and other provider networks to effectively manage the payers incentive programs and maximize returns for the providers.
  • Enables ACOs to efficiently manage data to drive improvement in health outcomes and care quality for patients
  • Analytics and predictive modelling capability allows ACO to lower costs for payers, thereby maximizing savings and incentive pay-outs to the providers


  • Perform ongoing chart reviews linked to the individual coder, CDI specialist, and physician
  • ICD-10-PCS often requires physician clarification
  • ICD-10-PCS has slowed CDI specialist productivity
  • Target education and CDI efforts accordingly
  • Data provided would come from disparate legacy systems
  • Overwhelming Complexities and confused ownership of patients
  • Patient care services were impacted by rising costs
  • An increasing proportion of the ageing population had long-term diseases
  • Data provided would come from disparate legacy systems
  • Merging data from different EHR systems and Lab Systems to Interoperability Database
  • Integrating of multiple systems and sharing data between multiple EHR systems
  • Exchange data in different formats based on the client system
  • Analysing and generating reports on CMS ACO


  • Automated end-to-end query process workflow model supported by CDQI platform for quick turnaround and resolution of CDI process
  • Analyzed and identified the problems in the existing frameworks and customized the improvement opportunities
  • Assisted in preparing requirements for defining the solution for the CDI improvement
  • Integrate disparate legacy systems
  • Relied on the Global Delivery Model to conclusively depict the benefits of EHR
  • Developed set of web applications – Descriptive Analysis, Predictive Analysis, Chronic watch, Patient Checklist
  • Reporting dashboard has been provided for Business Intelligence


  • Highly efficient CDI query workflow
  • Intelligent provider education platform
  • Actionable analytics and reporting
  • To enable doctors to keep abreast of the latest developments, Seanergy developed a Knowledge Management (KM) portal subsystem
  • Used Web Services model to ensure that EHR could utilize the information to deliver accurate results
  • Data can be exchanged through different formats using API’s like HL7, JSON, XML
  • Care Management helps to address the patients with complex Healthcare needs that accounts for a high percentage of annual medical expenditures
  • Interoperability database is the centralized database for multiple organizations and facilities with Patient centric information


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