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MyWork is easy to use web-based project management software that conforms to projects and workflow demands. It is an 'effort-tracking' and 'project management' system for small to medium scale organizations. It is more than a planning tool; it is a collaboration software that facilitates the execution of Waterfall and Agile type of projects. Following are the features:

1. Tracks projects' actual progress versus planned progress, timesheet, costs, etc.
2. Tracks actual budgets versus planned budgets, etc.
3. Provides all the tools, charts, reporting functions and customizable dashboard for efficient project management and productivity
4. Manages and tracks Invoices and generates their reminders
5. Promotes communication and collaboration with an intuitive web-based interface and automated communication functions
6. Enables optimal communication between internal work teams and external partners such as vendors and clients
7. Makes the project management software adaptable to any number of projects or any size of work team
8. Has an easy to learn and intuitive user interface even for non-technical business users
9. Web-based project management software allows you to save time and reduce costs in implementation and throughout all the stages of the project life cycle
10. Provides management dashboards to support middle and higher management on projects, tasks and budgets
11. Sends important, periodic & scheduled notifications to stakeholders by email

Description – Android application

Most used features / screens of MyWork have been provided as Android application for ease of use. The features of the app include:

1. Delivery Targets
2. Invoices
3. Task Entry

Managers can Add / Update delivery targets and invoices whenever required. The records when added / updated are first stored locally and later synced to the server. If the cellular network and/or wireless are unavailable while syncing, changes would be synced whenever the network is available next. The application checks for any pending changes to be synced periodically.

Tasks can be added for self as well as for other reporting associates



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