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For many construction companies, it has become mandatory to have huge data monitoring and report generating functionality incorporated into existing operational systems to manage a multitude of tasks. Modern constructions projects require timely reports to meet project schedules and costs accordingly. Seanergy Digital Ltd. provides a comprehensive BI solution for all of the reporting and analytic requirements of executives and stakeholders alike.

Current Industry Challenges

  • Tracking performance of different operational departments
  • Identifying lags and delays between departments
  • Project costs and contribution rates (actual and book value)
  • Time consumption, billing rates and non-productive time
  • Identify Stages of completion in relation to value and time
  • Disconnect between cost and sales data
  • Manual and time-consuming process to prepare basic financial reports
  • Disconnect between financial data with other functional departments
  • Reducing the gap between Budgets and Actuals
  • Reduce average labor cost
  • Track Material consumption and subcontractor expenses
  • identify Risks of Speculative Projects
  • Uneven Revenue, Expenses


  • Loosing track on performance improvement
  • Inability to identify the underperforming functions / bottlenecks
  • Delay in taking corrective actions to fix issues and failures
  • Failure to handle Material consumption trends
  • Loosing edge on competition
  • Huge turnaround time to analyze financial KPIs
  • Human dependent and error prone process
  • Financial loss because of missing data
  • Minimal visibility on other functional areas that effect finance
  • Delay in business actions
  • Unable to identify revenue trends and patterns


  • Sales dashboard
    • Sales by Year
    • Sales Pipeline – Current Year
    • Existing vs New Clients
    • Revenue vs Sales Expense
    • Top 5 Sales Persons – Previous year
  • Operations dashboard
    • Revenue vs Cost vs Profit
    • Profit Margin
    • Project Status
    • Actual vs Estimated Cost per Foot(For Design, Construction, Total project)
    • Actual vs Estimated Days(For Design, Construction, Total project)
    • Days Worked vs Days Available
    • Days On Hold
    • Receivable Outstanding Amount
    • Issues/Defects
    • Client Satisfaction(Service, Product)
    • Operational Cost vs Profit
    • Utilized vs Wastage - Material
    • Life Cycle Load Forecast – Previous year
  • KPIs to help reducing unplanned expenses and usage
  • Project based effort and performance tracking
  • Analysis on loss making projects
  • Identify and automate manual data processing
  • Cost and sales consolidation
  • Labor cost analysis
  • Budget forecasting
  • Revenue vs Profit Margin
  • Revenue Share - Industries
  • Revenue Share - Services
  • Revenue Trend - Industries/Services


  • Clear analysis of underperforming functions and bottlenecks
  • Reduce unplanned expenses and material usage
  • Improve project efficiency
  • Gain insight on Project, Client, Region level performance
  • Detailed usage / expense trends and patterns
  • Reduction in manual effort
  • Integration with 3rd party software like Salesforce, QuickBooks, eSUB etc.
  • Quicker turnaround time on financial reports
  • Informed financial decisions


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