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a major public transport company – Dispatch Control System

Client: Europe's largest public transportation operator with revenue over 6.7 billions (54,600 employees) and operates in 15 countries from 4 continents.

Business Goals

Optimize and automate the day-to-day operations and fleet management which was manual and based on white board, paper, and excel files

Salient Features

  • Web application providing real time data
  • Planning & Scheduling: Validate, Import & Manage – Duty & Roster
  • Daily Dispatch: Check-in, Work, Finished, Queue
  • Coach, Operators(drivers), Extra Board Management
  • Maintenance: BRT & FR Charts, OOS by Service Type weekly/YTD
  • Safety: Daily runs – driver info with vehicle number
  • ADP integration, Drive Cam data, Car schedule, Bio-metric


Brought great efficiencies in management of drivers, overtime, extra board utilization, roaster management, and rolled-out real-time vehicle availability dashboard

Technologies: MVC.Net and SQL

RIAS - Web Application

Client: Digital marketing services company primarily focused on rebate, promotion, coupon and sweepstakes fulfillment and execution. Rebates, loyalty programs, rewards, social platforms and custom promotions are some of the services that are offered to blue chip companies in the US.

Business Challenges

  • Promotion management setup
  • Designing the promotion sites as per the client’s requirement
  • Maintaining promotions budget
  • Managing the Claim Flow
  • Crosscheck the valid and invalid claims
  • Invoice generation for the claims
  • Developing Invoice summary reports


Seanergy developed a web application named RIAS which helped the client to overcome the above challenges.


  • Multiple promotions for single clients
  • Create promotions using Promotion Manager
  • Multiple statuses - Preliminary, Active, Inactive & Cancelled
  • Ability to fulfil using Check, PayPal, IBAN, Premium code
  • Limit budget and restrict per promotion or per client
  • Automatic commencing of campaigns based on expressions and conditions
  • Import Bulk Promotions by client from CSV, Excel files
  • Design promotions in a user-friendly interface
  • More than 60 templates to design promotions
  • Consumers can apply rebates and claim online
  • Report for backoffice team to create checks based on claims
  • User defined multi-level workflow for approving claims
  • Customers can approve / reject claims from secured portal provided after checking validity
  • Ability to generate invoices based on approved claims
  • 120+ reports by Invoice / Claims / Customers etc.
  • Active directory integration and 2-factor authentication

Technologies: ASP .NET MVC, SQL Server, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – Web Application

A leading manufacturing company based in California, USA required software to integrate its business activities and gain efficiency internally. An enterprise planning software integrating all its operational departments, vendors and end-customers solved its challenges. Company maintains 5 facilities encompassing Manufacturing, Distribution and Sales through our US and Africa and serves about 100+ customers in both wholesale and distribution industries.

Business Challenges and Impacts

  • Consolidated view of data across their multiple locations
  • Outdated and disconnected ERP systems
  • Data updates were time consuming & error prone processes
  • Order management, billing and Inventory management processes were inconsistent and not integrated
  • Unhappy customers due to glitches like no consolidated invoices, multiple deliveries etc.
  • Manual multiple entries across various systems for the same task
  • Streamline business processes and adopt best practices
  • Better quality reporting to enable intelligent business decisions
  • Improve information sharing within and outside the company leading to ambiguous data
  • Unreliability of data due to manual processing
  • Need more security with more control points
  • Compiling and analyzing profitability of each order
  • Finance and HR operations were not integrated
  • Improve your quality of lead generation
  • Track opportunities correctly and close more business deals in less time

Technological Challenges and Impacts

  • Inventory Management and control over stock movement
  • Poor Vendor performance management
  • No proper Production planning
  • Availability of test data
  • Data migration from various disconnected sources like Spreadsheets

Technologies: ASP .NET MVC, SQL Server, JavaScript, jQuery

Solution – Attendance

  • Electronic timecards for all employees
  • Badge printing with pictures and bar codes
  • Exception and absentee tracking
  • User-defined overtime and rounding rules
  • Vacation and holiday scheduling
  • Employee training and certification tracking
  • Payroll and HR interfaces to all major providers

Solution – Payroll

  • Direct and indirect labor tracking
  • Track setup, run, and rework time discretely for report analysis
  • Post labor to multiple jobs with flexible distribution options: even, full, or weighted
  • Capture labor hours against machines and work centers
  • Track slack time for start and/or end of shift or between jobs
  • Enforce attendance and labor hours balancing


  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payable
  • Job and project tracking (Budget vs Actual)
  • Bank Reconciliation (multiple bank accounts)
  • Drill down capability reports
  • Budgeting system – create, manage, and compare multiple budgets
  • Fixed Asset Processing along with depreciation


  • Capture all the important elements of customer and prospect information such as phone calls, emails, quotations, sales opportunities, and sales orders/contracts
  • CRM is fully integrated to all the other modules, so there is a seamless integration between the sales, marketing, inventory, work in process and customer support functions
  • Plan marketing campaigns effectively
  • Automate and accelerate the sales management process

Manufacturing & Shop Floor Control

  • Manufacturing routes with machines and work centers
  • Sub-Contracting
  • Pinpoint production bottlenecks and improve production visibility by comparing standards vs. accruals
  • Support work order splits on the manufacturing floor
  • Track shipments and receipt of goods for sub-contracted services
  • Tracks serial or lot numbered parts through the production process utilizing bar code data collection
  • Generates and prints bar coded serial numbers based on user defined formats, including adherence to UL and other industry specifications
  • Enforces and monitors the routing of serialized items through user-defined check and validation points
  • Supports user-defined test and repair information for each serialized item and retains it for future analysis

Other features

  • Dynamic Workflow for all the modules
  • Unlimited workflow hierarchy levels
  • Multi-lingual – English, Spanish, Arabic
  • Responsive / multi-device screen adaptive
  • Integration with 3rd party software like Salesforce, QuickBooks
  • EDI interface
  • Multiple financial years, Closing year-end process
  • 140+ reports

Solution Architecture


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